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On the left, Julie before starting CustomFit bootcamp classes. On the right, Julie is 30 pounds lighter after exercising regularly and adopting a healthy eating lifestyle.

Don't just take our word for it. Hear what our clients have to say why they choose us and the difference it has made in their lives. Our fitness classes and personal training gym isn't just a few hours during the week, it's a lifestyle for our members and we are living it together.

Our Clients Transformed

From bootcamps to PiYo to kickboxing, we offer 10 different types of classes to choose from with variety that other personal training gyms just don't have. We also know what you are personally physically capable of and offer modifications given your skill level and limitations. 

No bags. No gloves. Just results. Think you need a sparring partner to reap the benefits of kickboxing? Think again. In every Turbokick class, you'll incorporate real kickboxing moves with some intense HIIT training to get sculpted all while having fun.​

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We believe that not everyone journeys down the same path to achieve their goals, but with the proper tools, you can do anything!  You will learn about eating healthy and building a lean, strong body through the type of exercise that fits your lifestyle... Fitness. Your Way.​​​  ​​


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On the left, Maureen before starting CustomFit bootcamp classes. On the right, Maureen after adopting a healthy eating lifestyle and exercising 3 times per week.  She lost 50 pounds in 12 months!


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During this unique class, we utilize TRX suspension straps for 1/2 the time, which challenges your muscles on a whole new level - using gravity and bodyweight to strengthen all areas of the body, especially the core. The other 1/2 of the class will utilize a popular technique called Tabata, which will get your heart rate up and torch calories. 

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