Think you need a sparring partner to reap the benefits of kickboxing? Think again. In every TurboKick class, you’ll incorporate real kickboxing moves with some intense HIIT training to get sculpted all while having fun. This powerful cardio class is key for your weight loss goals!

Class Descriptions

Strength & Flow Yoga

Blending balance, strength, flexibility and power in a fitness format to increase strength and flexibility through the use of powerful yoga moves.


This class uses a variety of techniques and equipment (or none at all) to build strength, burn fat and improve flexibility. Exercises are modifiable for all fitness levels. While it is an ever-changing class, one thing stays the same: you will get a great full-body workout.

PowerFit Bootcamp

No guts no glory in this intense full-body workout!  With an emphasis on muscle conditioning exercises done as a circuit to keep the heart rate up, you will enjoy the best of both worlds.  Expect the unexpected in these full-body circuit-training classes, which are packed with lots of variety and tons of fun.

Swoll and Roll

In this class, we will work on strength enhancing 
exercises for 45 minutes using a variety of gym equipment, or just bodyweight exercises. The rest of the time will be spent using a foam roller to release the myofacia tissue surrounding the muscles worked during class, to give the muscles the best chance for recovery and growth. If your goal is to get stronger, take this class!


3-2-1 is a circuit class that challenges you with 3 
minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and a minute of core work. Each strength and cardio segment is broken into 30 second sets so you are constantly moving.  You won't believe how quickly the hour passes and the calorie burn from this workout!  If variety is your passion, check out this class!

Gym Memberships:

8 classes per month = $105/month
12 classes per month = $135/month
UNLIMITED classes per month = $165/month
Punchcard (10 classes to be used within 6 months) = $175
Personal Training prices available upon request

15% off gym memberships for couples!
15% off gym memberships for students!

​Pre-registration is required - please email us at info@customfitpt.net with questions, or click the red button below to get started.


CoreFit Bootcamp

With a focus on improving core strength, this class will utilize full-functional moves to improve the strength in all the muscles that surround your spine (your core is more than just your abs!).  This, with the addition of full-body strengthening exercises and belly blasting bursts of cardio, is a formula for fitness success!


PiYo gives you the muscle-sculpting and core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of Yoga. But don’t for a second think you won’t sweat in this class because it’s all done at an intensity that helps you burn fat with low-impact moves. You’ll burn calories, tone muscles, work on balance and core strength all while getting a great stretch.


Looking for a high intensity cardio workout without high impact? The kickboxing portion of this class will give you a full body, cardio charged workout through punch and kick combos, while the core part of the class will bring your heart rate down and tone your abs. 



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Our Classes


High Intensity Interval training is an excellent way to burn calories and tone your muscles. This is a high energy class that focuses on bursts of cardio paired with strength and core moves. You'll be challenged with body weight moves as well as using a variety of gym equipment and high repetitions to achieve toning.

TRX & Tabata

During this unique class, we will utilize TRX suspension straps for 1/2 the time, which challenges your muscles on a whole new level - using gravity and bodyweight to strengthen all areas of the body, especially the core. The other 1/2 of the class will utilize a popular technique called Tabata, which will get your heart rate up and torch calories.  If weightloss is your goal, this class is for you!

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